our menu

root & vine has been proud to offer our community the highest quality of food and service for almost ten years. We reopen our doors once again, and committed to continue doing the same.  We have put in place new policies and procedures to ensure a safe environment for our guest and staff during this transitioning time. root & vine appreciates your patience as we continue to work though the process and are grateful for your continued support.

We have made the decision to eliminate the online ordering feature as it seemed to lead to miscommunication and errors on pick up times.
Call us old fashion, but speaking one on one works better for us as we want to make sure your order is prepared exactly as you like and picked up at the time you need.
Please call 828.433.1540 for to-go orders.



root & vine LUNCH menu 6/21 11:30p-2:30p

root & vine DINNER menu 6/21 5p-9p

root & vine PIZZA menu 8/20 ALL DAY

root & vine BRUNCH menu 2/21 (Sunday ONLY 11a-2:30p)

root & vine DRAFT menu 7/21 NEW

root & vine WINE List 1/21

root & vine COCKTAIL menu 5/2

*Desserts change daily. 

**menus are subject to change without notice, and product availability may change due to sourcing during this time.