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root & vine has been proud to offer our community the highest quality of food and service for over ten years. We can’t say the last two years have not been a challenge, however we still continue to do our best to provide value on seasonal and quality products. Unfortunately due supply chain or pricing changes, offerings may not be available. However, we are committed to continue offering quality ingredients at the best price point possible.

root & vine appreciates your patience as we continue to navigate this transitioning time and are grateful for your continued support.

Please call 828.433.1540 for to-go orders.


root & vine DINNER MENU 4/22 NEW

root & vine COCKTAIL LIST 3/22

root & vine BEER LIST 3/22

root & vine WINE LIST 3/22

*House-made desserts change daily. 

**Menus are subject to change without notice and product availability may change due to sourcing during this time.